We believe in a future where people will be able to understand contracts without reading them.

Everything we do
  • we believe in fostering human interactions,
  • we believe in building human connections and trust.
The way we foster human interactions is by saving more than 75% of the time of our users when reading and reviewing a legal document. We just happen to make great tools to understand contracts in seconds instead of hours.

Where it all started

"Growing up, I would spend weekends and school breaks helping my parents (both consultants) review legal documents, write business plans, and create reports so they could present in front of their clients. Then I joined Amazon and I did the same for my managers. That work was tedious and very time consuming and I knew there was a better way. Therefore, I decided to come to San Francisco to find the better way. After winning the Blockchain Hackathon at Stanford we created SpeedLegal."
Hans Paul Pizzinini

How’d we get started?

Our co-founders Sami and Hans Paul met in San Francisco at a developers' meetup. Drawn together by their frustration with reading and reviewing legal documents they used their backgrounds in Law, Finance and Deep Learning to help homebuyers and agents review property documents in a few minutes instead of hours.
Since then we have raised money from strategic investors that allows us to continuously innovate and create new services so homebuyers can easily identify the risks of a property and real estate professionals can close more transactions faster.
Meet the Team

Executive Team

Hans Paul Pizzinini

Co-Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur. Past-Amazon, 10+ years in consulting. Hackathons winner and Olympic flame torch-bearer.

Sami Ullah

Co-Founder & CTO

Past-IBM, Microsoft and Google with a strong focus on data science. Hackathons winner.

Rashi Malu

Head of Legal

Past legal at RedBull, Edelweiss (MNC) and Latham & Watkins. Berkeley Law fellowship and UCLA alumni.


Our Investors

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Our automated risk analysis will save precious time and help you understand the risks of the home you are buying.

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