A Clear Summary of Your Contracts

No additional liability for the broker/agent.

Educate your client and offer a better service.

The summaries are checked by a compliance team to assure maximum accuracy.

Buyers/sellers are more informed and more confident in what they are signing.

Fully integrated with DocuSign, HelloSign and other providers.

Personalized video explainer sent with each contract (coming soon).


80% of time saved for each transaction

As a broker/agent an essential part of my job is to help my clients understand what they are signing as it relates to their obligations. But I don't have the time to walk them through the contracts paragraph by paragraph. Buyers/sellers do not want to read long agreements and I have to summarize the key clauses manually.


From 6 calls to 1 call to explain the contracts

As a broker/agent I need to explain to the buyer the purchase price, the down payment, the days to close escrow, the contingencies, etc. I need to make sure that all the parts of the contracts are inside, covering all the risks for both the buyer and the seller. The standard forms change every year and I have 10 types of agreements.

"I expect my clients to be able to read and sign contracts in as little as 1/5th the time with a tool like SpeedLegal."

– Patty, Senior Associate Broker, Better Homes and Gardens

"Our partnership with SpeedLegal has increased our customer's experience, and is driving efficiency in our business with 75% of time saved on each transaction."

– Constance, Associate Broker, Vylla


Avoid the "You never told me..." Scenario

Our automatic summaries will save you precious time and help you fulfill your obligations and responsibility to explain the contracts to your clients.

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