Understand Risks Before Signing

Bird eye view of the risk profile of your documents.
Spot the deviations from the standard terms.

Red-Flag Table with Key Risks

Spot the deviations from the standard terms and the high stake provisions for the firm

Spot contracts that have change of control, employees with $250k salary and no IP assignment, force majeure

By clicking on each Flag we will highlight and show you the specific part of the contract

Assess risks when doing legal due diligence e.g. funding, M&A

Your Template and Market Standards

You can import your template or use SpeedLegal's template

Import your template and we will automatically setup your internal policy that will be used as a standard once you upload new documents

SpeedLegal Red-Flag Table works both with custom contracts as well as with boilerplate provisions

Easily create and export reports of the Red-Flag Table