Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

We help you find your new home faster and cheaper in just a few clicks by sharing the hidden costs others don't want you to know about.

Avoid Common Home Buying Problems

Home buying can come with many unexpected problems. SpeedLegal helps bring them to light, including:
  • Complicated Disclosures
  • Structural Issues
  • Roof Condition
  • Condition of HVAC Systems
  • Pest Control Policies
  • Septic System Reports
  • Property Drainage

We Take the Risk Out of Home Ownership

From confusing contract language to hidden repairs that could cost you thousands, buying a new home is risky. But SpeedLegal is your risk-averse partner. With innovative machine learning technology, we identify risks and bring them to light, so you know what you're dealing with before signing your name on the dotted line.

Stay in Budget
We help you discover how much repairs cost before you buy your next home, saving you time, money, and headaches.

Simplify Inspections
We automate the inspection process and easily check into all claims on a property with the click of a button.

Save Time and Stress
We do the heavy lifting of researching a home so you can confidently decide on the right home for you.

How We Make Home Ownership Possible

Unlock the Door to Home Ownership

With three easy steps,

you can find your perfect home and save money with SpeedLegal
Paste the link or the address of the home that you want to buy.

Paste the link of a house for sale, and we’ll do the work. Zillow, Redfin, Realtor and Trulia are some of the places where you can find your home.

All done — we got you covered. We will get the property documents and send you the risk analysis report within 48 hours!
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Discover unforeseen costs to avoid getting the wrong house.

We collect and summarize data on your property and clearly identify key risks. Get your full risk report within 48 hours so you can decide on the property quickly.

Make your informed decision.

Armed with all the information you need, you can confidently find your next home while minimizing risks.

Complete Protection Packages

We deliver peace of mind during the home buying process.
Pick a package tailored to your unique needs and budget.
Basic Analysis

You can quickly check and verify one property with SpeedLegal.


Limited Time
  • We send you a report with the key findings and highlights of the property.
  • Roof conditions, Water table, Air conditions, Seismic risk, Wildfire Hazard Potential, Flood risk, Noise risk, Price risk, Desirability of the neighborhood and more.
No items found.
Premium Analysis

You can save time and money checking the risks with SpeedLegal.


  • We send you a report with the key findings and highlights of the property.
  • Roof conditions, Water table, Air conditions, Seismic risk, Wildfire Hazard Potential, Flood risk, Noise risk, Price risk, Desirability of the neighborhood and more.
  • We collect and do an in-depth analysis of the property documents i.e. Disclosures, property reports.
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What our users are saying

    

"I got to play around with an early version of SpeedLegal and loved what I saw. This is the type of interface I’ve wanted for myself and my teams. For a practice focused on early-stage financings or even m&a, I’d expect to be able to get my arms around the same amount of diligence material in as little as 1/5th the time with a tool like SpeedLegal."

~ Augie
    

"Our partnership with SpeedLegal has increased our customer's experience, and is driving efficiency in our business model. The ability to upload my executed contracts, then AI takes over by extracting mandatory disclosures/contingency dates by automatically uploading the key data into my CRM and calendar...priceless!!"

~ Constance
    

"I was pleased to work with the team, their explanation of SpeedLegal was clear and the result I got with the platform was accurate and fast."

~ Patty
    

"The program is amazing. I look forward to marketing the program for you and getting potential buyers. I believe this can be a strong partnership."

~ Will
    

"All the legal language and multiple pages stressed me out. SpeedLegal did a great job at simplifying it."

~ Louisa
    

"Data extractions are very accurate and risks are highlighted directly on the documents."

~ Mark

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We’ve answers.
If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

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your Safety first

Avoid the Unknowns

Our automated risk analysis saves you precious time and helps you understand the risks of the home you are buying.

Verify My Property
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