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SpeedLegal saves 550 hours to law firms yearly, reduces risk by 98%, saving thousands


As an individual attorney

I need to review contracts on a daily basis and spot deviations from the standard terms
  • I need to keep the cost low for clients in order to keep a good relationship
  • I do an initial read through and overall I read the contract 4/5 times
  • Going through the documents, understanding if it is the latest version, categorizing and tagging them takes time
  • Editing, reviewing, maintaining document version control and checking for duplicates is very time consuming

As a partner at a boutique law firm

I need to coordinate a team of junior lawyers and onboard new clients in a timely matter
  • Retrieving, storing and finding the right document takes time
  • I need to identify all contracts that have value higher than $100k
  • I need to review 100,000 documents and spot liability provisions (e.g. 100k $), IP provisions, etc.
  • There are a lot of exhibits and knowing exactly where the charts are within the document is time consuming
for ATtorneys

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Bird eye view of the risk profile of your documents.
Spot the deviations from the standard terms.


On average, we spend a couple of hours to read and review a long contract.

What our users are saying

    

"I got to play around with an early version of SpeedLegal and loved what I saw. This is the type of interface I’ve wanted for myself and my teams. For a practice focused on early-stage financings or even m&a, I’d expect to be able to get my arms around the same amount of diligence material in as little as 1/5th the time with a tool like SpeedLegal."

~ Augie
    

"Our partnership with SpeedLegal has increased our customer's experience, and is driving efficiency in our business model. The ability to upload my executed contracts, then AI takes over by extracting mandatory disclosures/contingency dates by automatically uploading the key data into my CRM and calendar...priceless!!"

~ Constance
    

"I was pleased to work with the team, their explanation of SpeedLegal was clear and the result I got with the platform was accurate and fast."

~ Patty
    

"The program is amazing. I look forward to marketing the program for you and getting potential buyers. I believe this can be a strong partnership."

~ Will
    

"All the legal language and multiple pages stressed me out. SpeedLegal did a great job at simplifying it."

~ Louisa
    

"Data extractions are very accurate and risks are highlighted directly on the documents."

~ Mark
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Avoid the Unknowns

Our automated risk analysis will save precious time and help you understand the key provisions and the risks of any legal document.

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