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An impartial way to check any property risks

Connect with an expert to go over the docs and look for any potential pitfalls.

Know everything about the documents of the house. Absolutely no unknowns.

Be more informed and more confident in what you are signing.

The reports are checked by a compliance team to assure maximum accuracy.

We use AI to assess your property documents and identify risks.

Get in control of the information, without depending on someone else.

80% of time saved for each transaction
As an agent an essential part of my job is to help my clients understand what they are signing as it relates to their obligations. But
I don't have the time to walk them through the contracts paragraph by paragraph
Buyers/sellers do not want to read long agreements and I have to summarize the key clauses manually
I want no surprises
I really need to know everything about the house i.e. inspections and someone to go over the relevant documentation to look for any potential pitfalls.
As a buyer/seller disclosures are hard as they are very long
There is too much paperwork that is difficult to understand and sometimes the agent isn't informed or helpful
A lot can be hidden in the lines about the condition of the property and I need to rely on the report

"I expect my clients to be able to read and sign contracts in as little as 1/5th the time with a tool like SpeedLegal."

– Patty, Senior Associate Broker, Better Homes and Gardens

"The risk of missing something is high. The agent is helpful but they ask me to review on my end. SpeedLegal helped me save time and make an offer in a timely manner."

– Anonymous Home Buyer


Avoid the "You never told me..." Scenario

Our automated risk analysis will save you precious time and help you understand the risks of the property you are buying or selling.