Identify Risks and
Sign Contracts in Seconds

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Assess, Manage, Analyze and Get Reminders
from Contracts
Evaluate Risks and Non-Standard Language
Have you ever asked yourself "Can I sign this contract?" maybe because one or more provisions were not very clear
See which parts of the contract are not coherent with your standard template
Bird-eye view of "Where have you deviated from the standard in the past 10 years?"
Increase deal velocity and export reports in a timely manner
Get Notifications from Contracts
Stay on top of your contracts, as now contracts are digital we sign more contracts, everyday.
Receive reminders when a contract is about to expire or to renew, including the notice period
Keep your team accountable with built-in reminders and weekly reports
Be reminded of routine inspections by uploading any document
Confidently Know Where Your Contracts Are
Pull contracts from your drive or your laptop and have them automatically organized into smart folders
Automatic folders creation and suggestions
Securely store your contracts after signature
Track progress and completion on a real-time dashboard
Dive Deep Focusing on the Key Parameters
If you need to go in depth and analyze a contracts, start with the extracted results
Dashboard of key contract parameters e.g. financial values, jurisdictions, provisions, dates
Automatic keywords extraction from clause paragraphs
Export the data in csv format