GDPR Compliance Checklist

Last Updated: 06/15/2022
What are we doing with your data?

We process your documents to parse out meaningful information from your documents using our AI to analyze your contracts and display any potential risks within them.

A. Encryption

Our website is protected by SSL - SHA-256 with RSA Encryption. All user accounts and passwords are also encrypted.

B. Data Protection Trainings

We train all of our team members and consultants to follow strict guidelines for data protection and security measures as per General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules.

C. Data Breach Prevention and Protocols

SpeedLegal’s systems are secure and encrypted. In addition, our technical team performs frequent audits of our server log and systems to keep track of a possible data breach. 

As per the protocol, if there is a data breach, we would quickly report the breach to the concerned government cyber crime enforcement agencies and our valuable clients.

How does SpeedLegal ensure my data privacy rights are protected?

SpeedLegal clients are able to see what personal data SpeedLegal has about them.

SpeedLegal has measures in place that allow customers to raise objections about the way their data is processed.

All contracts on SpeedLegal are processed in our virtual private servers hosted with AWS (which has incorporated GDPR measures) and no one else has access to the client data during the automated processing step. [1][2] & [3]

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