Compliance Checklist

Last Updated: 07/05/2023
1. List of processing activities.

Document conversion to PDF if the file is in Doc/Docx format.

PDF compression.

OCR if the uploaded doc is a scanned image.

PDF parsing to extract information by the AI engine.

2. What is the purpose for SpeedLegal’s processing of data?

Our AI performs data processing for extracting meaningful information from contract documents and displaying the risks to our clients.

The processing activities mentioned above are done to ensure that we are efficiently parsing the accurate information from the contracts.

3. What kind of data does SpeedLegal process?

SpeedLegal’s AI processes contract documents uploaded by clients.

4. Who has access to client data within SpeedLegal?

Hans Paul Puzzinini, CEO (Complete access).

R Om Prakash, Technical Consultant (Limited Access).

Aishwarya Saxena, Legal Consultant (Read-only access).

5. Do any third parties (including consultants) have access to this data?

Yes - R Om Prakash, Technical consultant has partial access to the database limited to ensuring smooth functioning of the systems.

6. In what locations does SpeedLegal process data?

Location : Boardman, Oregon, US.

Service Provider : Amazon Technologies Inc.

1. Does SpeedLegal have end-to-end encryption built-in?

The user accounts passwords are encrypted.

Our website is protected by SSL - SHA-256 with RSA Encryption.

2. Does SpeedLegal pseudonymize, or anonymize personal data wherever possible?

Yes, user data is protected at all stages in the workflow.

The QC process is done in an anonymized manner with Client’s masked user ID to ensure privacy of our clients.

3. Does SpeedLegal make efforts to train its employees and/or third-party processors engaged by SpeedLegal in data protection and security measures?

Yes, we train our employees and consultants to follow strict guidelines for data protection and security measures as per GDPR rules.[1][2] & [3]

4. Does SpeedLegal have a process in place to identify authorities and its subjects/clients about a data breach?

Yes, even though our systems are secure and encrypted, our technical team performs frequent audits of our server log and systems to keep track of a possible data breach. As per the protocol, if there is a data breach, we would quickly report the breach to the concerned government cyber crime enforcement agencies and our valuable clients.

1. Does SpeedLegal have an officer responsible for maintaining its GDPR compliance?

Yes - Hans Paul Pizzinini.

2. Does SpeedLegal sign a data processing agreement with third-party processors/consultants engaged by it?


3. Does Speedlegal have a representative in the EU to communicate on its behalf with data protection authorities?

Yes - Hans Paul Pizzinini.

1. Are SpeedLegal clients able to see what personal data SpeedLegal has about them?

Yes - Name, Email, Organization, Designation and Uploaded contract documents.

2. Are SpeedLegal clients able to update or correct any inaccurate information about them?

No, there is no direct provision for editing user profile information. But our team can help them in updating the information upon request.

3. Are SpeedLegal clients able to have their data deleted upon request?


4. Does SpeedLegal have measures in place that allow customers to raise objections about the way their data is processed?


5. Does SpeedLegal have measures in place to protect rights of its subjects/clients for the data processed in its automated processes?
Yes, our virtual private servers are hosted with AWS (which has incorporated GDPR measures) and no one else has access to the client data during the automated processing step. [1][2] & [3]
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