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SpeedLegal let’s you draft, edit, redline, review, sign and store contracts, all in one place, all with the power of AI.

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Is Juro right for you?

If you are looking for a platform where you can just store your contracts, use a quick template to draft a contract or just sign a contract that you’ve got, Juro can do that for you. 

But if you are looking for a CLM/CMS solution where you can review and edit your contracts, analyse risks or handle contracts with different languages, Juro may fall short for your needs.

Let’s look at what’s missing and why should you bother -

Contract Summary - You still need to go through the entire contract line by line, every time you draft or get one to review. There’s no way to understand contracts quickly and avoid reading 20-30 pages for every contract you get.

Contract Review/Analysis - Even when using Juro to handle contracts, you are on your own. No service to review your contract, no analysation of the huge data all your contracts hold or to give you actionable steps from them.

Contract Risk Analysis - No contract is perfect, and if you sign contracts without analyzing the risks involved, it certainly won’t have a fairy tale ending. Juro lacks the functionality to show your contract’s potential risks or red flags. Which again leaves you alone to take care of the potential risks. 

So you’ll have to hire a lawyer separately to review each contract for you, despite already paying for Juro.

Multiple Language Support - Contracting happens worldwide, and you might often need to sign contracts with parties in other countries. With no way to handle contracts in other languages, You’ll have to rely on other country’s lawyers to review your contracts, not to mention that you’ll need to store, manage and handle those contracts in a different place now.

5 key differences that make SpeedLegal the perfect Juro alternative

Contract Summary
SpeedLegal has a unique way of providing a contract summary with their feature called “Contract Nutrition label™”. This gives you an overview of the basic structure of the contract including your obligations, rights and what can be sued for details, considering both parties.

Using SpeedLegal, give you the ability to understand your contract at just a glance and you don’t have to read the contract line by line to get these key details.
Contract Review
The contracts at SpeedLegal are reviewed by the AI as well as a legal professional to ensure that no key information goes unreviewed. These contract reviews include highlighting crucial information in the contract, such as financials, dates, governing law, keywords and many more minute details.
Risk Analysis
Coming to risk analysis, SpeedLegal has another unique feature, called “Red Flag Table™”. The RFT compares the contract values to the prevailing market standards and shows you the potential risks in you contracts. It also shows you what it should be replaced with, and gives you the power to do that with a single click.
Multi-Language Support
No matter in which Language you get your contracts in, SpeedLegal can help you manage all of them in a single place.

Watch SpeedLegal in action

Let’s see a detailed comparison

How does SpeedLegal compare with Juro?

Notification and reminders
Contract collaboration
Contract templates
Mass document upload
Contract summary
Contract review
Market standard
Multiple language support

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