Understand Contracts in Minutes

On average, we spend a couple of hours to read and review a long contract.
Now it takes a few minutes.

A Clear Summary of Your Contract

If you reviewing a contract, our automatically generated table of contents will save you precious time
  • The extracted keywords are tailored and specific for the document that you are reviewing
  • Some of the keywords that you will find: jurisdictions, specific dates, entities, clause titles, sub-clause titles, financials, parent-child documents
  • We highlight the parts of the document linked to each keyword for a better visual understanding

Avoid Missing Key Provisions

Whether you are doing a legal due diligence or simply analyzing a vendor agreement, the Analyzer will help you avoid missing important parts
  • High granularity as we extract keywords from most clause paragraphs
  • The extracted data can be exported into csv format and you will be able to use it within Excel sheets and other platforms
  • Add comments to your documents that can be found by your team

What our users are saying

    

"I got to play around with an early version of SpeedLegal and loved what I saw. This is the type of interface I’ve wanted for myself and my teams. For a practice focused on early-stage financings or even m&a, I’d expect to be able to get my arms around the same amount of diligence material in as little as 1/5th the time with a tool like SpeedLegal."

~ Augie
    

"Our partnership with SpeedLegal has increased our customer's experience, and is driving efficiency in our business model. The ability to upload my executed contracts, then AI takes over by extracting mandatory disclosures/contingency dates by automatically uploading the key data into my CRM and calendar...priceless!!"

~ Constance
    

"I was pleased to work with the team, their explanation of SpeedLegal was clear and the result I got with the platform was accurate and fast."

~ Patty
    

"The program is amazing. I look forward to marketing the program for you and getting potential buyers. I believe this can be a strong partnership."

~ Will
    

"All the legal language and multiple pages stressed me out. SpeedLegal did a great job at simplifying it."

~ Louisa
    

"Data extractions are very accurate and risks are highlighted directly on the documents."

~ Mark
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Avoid the Unknowns

Our automated risk analysis will save precious time and help you understand the key provisions and the risks of any legal document.

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