Applications of LLMs in Legaltech & their Ethical Considerations

Large Language Models have seen the rise in the Legaltech industry, and more and more Legaltech tools are integrating and leveraging LLMs in their tools. What more can you expect from LLMs in the newer future?🤔

In this episode of RLO, Hans Paul & Alice talk about ‘Applications of Large Language Models in Legaltech & their Ethical Considerations.’✨

Here are some topics they be covered:

1. Use Cases of Large Language Models in Legaltech.

2. Ethical Considerations in Deploying Large Language Models in the Legal Industry.

3. Employing legal standards as instructions or prompts.

and more...

Hans Paul Pizzinini

Co-Founder & CEO, SpeedLegal

Hans Paul Pizzinini is an entrepreneur and consultant who has been writing and speaking about legal technology and innovation for several years. He writes for Startup blogs, curates from 0 to 1 Newsletter, and is the co-founder of the weekly podcast Rethinking Legal Ops. Hans Paul graduated from Bocconi University in Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology. He previously appeared in Forbes, GQ, Vogue, and Vanity Fair.

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