Why Contracts Need To Be User-Friendly

Should contracts be user-friendly?🤔
Of course, they should be. But why take the effort to make a contract user-friendly?🧐

How does it help clients and end users?🤷🏻

And lastly, how do you approach this new way of designing contracts?🛠

We uncover answers to all these questions on Rethinking Legal Ops with our guests Stefania Passera (Founder & Contract designer, Passera Design) and Paula Doyle (Legal Innovation Advisor, PaLiDa Ltd).

Watch the full episode to find out!

Stefania Passera

Founder & Contract designer, Passera Design

Stefania is an information designer specializing in contract design and simplification. Her mission is to help organizations transform their contracts and policies into user-friendly, effective tools that work for business. With 10+ years of experience, her work draws from information and service design, design thinking, user research, and UX.

Paula Doyle

Legal Innovation Advisor, PaLiDa Ltd

Paula is a dynamic and inspiring leader with a keen interest in disrupting the status quo to introduce greater efficiencies and inclusiveness into economies. A lawyer by trade, she now focuses on legal innovation, with a particular passion for simplified processes and well-designed user-centered contracts.

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