Crafting The Ideal Legaltech Toolbox

Every law firm needs some LegalTech tools to manage its operations and daily tasks. But how to decide which of them is best for you?🧐

We got Inga Rusu (Legal Planner at Emerson Law) & Giulio Messori (Managing Director, SLT) to help you understand how you can get the most out of LegalTech and make your ideal LegalTech toolbox for all your needs.

They answered questions like -

✅ How can you train law attorneys to take advantage of tech to the fullest.

✅ How does LegalTech help in enhancing data privacy.

✅ What should be taken into consideration as a law firm when investing in tech solutions.

And more...

Inga Rusu

MBA Talent Program - Legal Planner at Emerson Corporate Law Department

Strong legal professional with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Skilled in Negotiation, Legal Operations, Data Analysis, Communication, and Investment Decisions. Co-Chair 'Analytics & Metrics' Interest Group at Association of Corporate Counsel

Giulio Messori

Managing Director, Sweet Legal Tech

Giulio is the Managing Director of Sweet LegalTech(SLT). SLT is an organization crossing the bridges within the legal tech industry by providing lawyers, both in-house and in private practice, with an unprecedented opportunity to learn and apply the best and most advanced technologies shaping the evolution of the legal profession. This is the first legal tech and innovation academy in Italy, possibly in Europe.

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