Data Privacy and Legaltech

Data Privacy is always a concern for legal practitioners when implementing any new technology.

We had a very interesting conversation with Giuseppe Vaciago (Partner at 42 Law Firm) on the latest episode of Rethinking Legal Ops.

We talked about some of the biggest data protection issues that come up with implementing tech tools for legal practitioners.

We also talked about automating legal work, strengthening the internal data protection system with Legaltech and a lot more!

Tune in to the conversation to learn more about it.👇🏻

Giuseppe Vaciago

Partner at 42 Law Firm

A lawyer since 2002, Giuseppe Vaciago focuses on criminal law relating to new technology, and corporate criminal law as well as advising on the drafting of organizational models pursuant to Italian law 231/01; he acts for a number of leading national and international companies in the IT sector.

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