Fixing Broken Contracts with Standardization

The process of contract drafting, reviewing, and negotiating is broken. How can you fix it?🛠

We hosted Electra Japonas (CEO and Founder at TLB, Co-Founder at oneNDA) on Rethinking Legal Ops Ep 8. She answered questions like -

1. What’s wrong with the way we approach drafting, negotiating, and reviewing contracts today?

2. Why is user-friendliness becoming more and more important for legal documents today?

3. What is more important for a practitioner: maintaining a competitive edge with custom contracts or becoming more accessible with standardization?

4. Is legalese a thing of the past?

5. How can contract standardization help lawyers get the most out of currently available LegalTech tools?
And more…

Electra Japonas

CEO and Founder at TLB, Co-Founder at oneNDA

Electra is a former in-house lawyer, founder of TLB, and co-founder of oneNDA and Claustack. She now works at the cutting edge of legal innovation.

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