Getting The Most Out Of Your Legaltech Toolkit

Are you using your Legaltech tools to their full potential?

Legaltech tools are capable of much more than just storing and managing contracts on a cloud, but most people don’t use them to their full extent.🤷‍♂️

We hosted Colin Levy (Director of Legal at Malbek and LegalTech Evangelist) on the 15th episode of Rethinking Legal Ops where we talked about how you can use your Legaltech tools to their full potential.

👉🏻 He answered questions like -

⚡️ What are some of the most exciting Legaltech tools around right now?

⚡️ How can firms and in-house teams train their employees to use Legaltech tools?

⚡️ How is Legaltech changing legal service delivery models?

⚡️ How can the Legatech community change the culture in the legal industry and drive tech adoption?

And much more

You DON’T want to miss this one! 🤯

Colin Levy

Director of Legal at Malbek and LegalTech Evangelist

Colin is a passionate advocate for legal technology and he is devoted to educating and inspiring others about it. Currently, he's Director of Legal and Evangelist for Malbek, a leading Contract Lifecycle Management company. He also serves as an Advisor for Proxy, a leading legal workflow management platform.

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