Integrating Law And Technology

Technology is being integrated into every aspect of our lives, and Law is no different.

In fact, the legal industry is starting to rely on technology more and more in order to help it run more efficiently.πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

And we just found the perfect person to talk about this integration of Law and Technology.πŸ’―

We hosted Kevin Keller (General Counsel at Snapcommerce) on 21st episode of Rethinking Legal Ops.

We talked about how tech and law are working together to make legal processes more efficient and what it means for a GC.πŸš€

Watch the full episode to find it out!

Kevin Keller

General Counsel at Snapcommerce

Kevin has counseled, advised, invested and been an inventor for a wide variety of start-ups and emerging tech businesses, including being the first in-house legal support for moonshots of some of the world's largest tech companies.

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