Legal Innovation In The Asia-Pacific

Practising law in Asia? Then this session is for you.🙌🏻

We hosted Josh Lee (Co-Founder, LawTech.Asia), who’ll talked about Legaltech innovation in the Asia Pacific.🌏

He answered questions like -

✅ What’s the current state of adoption of LegalTech in Southeast Asia.

✅ How are AI and Data Analytics influencing Southeast Asian economies

✅ How can Legaltech tools pave their way for more foreign investments.
And much more…

Josh Lee

Director, Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation & Technology Association, Co-Founder, LawTech.Asia

Professionally, Josh is deeply passionate about the intersection of law, policy, and technology. Josh is presently a Kathryn Aguirre Scholar pursuing his LL.M. (Law and Technology Specialization) at UC Berkeley School of Law. He is also the LLM Editor for the Berkeley Technology Law Journal. Prior to this, Josh served as a Legal Policy Manager for AI Governance in Singapore's Personal Data Protection Commission. He is also an Advocate and Solicitor of the Singapore Bar, a former international arbitration practitioner, and a former Assistant Director for Legal Policy in Singapore's Ministry of Law.

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