Legaltech In Europe

Practicing Law in Europe? Then this event is for you! ⚡️

We hosted Raquel Sampaio (Lawyer at SRS Advogados & Contributor to EUstartups) on episode 11 of Rethinking Legal Ops. She answered questions like -

✅ What are some of the biggest legaltech trends in Europe right now?

✅ How do EU businesses see automating their legal work?

✅ How are governments in Europe encouraging legal innovation through policymaking?

✅ Mental health is a huge issue in the legal industry. Can legaltech be an ally for lawyers in helping them reduce unnecessary stress?

Raquel Sampaio

Lawyer at SRS Advogados & Contributor to EUstartups

Raquel has 15+ years of experience as a Lawyer in a wide range of jurisdictions and transactions, acquired from working with different private and public stakeholders such as regulators, joint ventures, associations, charities, and businesses.

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