Legaltech In International Business Transactions

Curious how Legaltech works in huge international business transactions?🤔

We hosted Donnie Hao DONG (Partner at FuJae Partners, Hong Kong) on episode 12 of Rethinking Legal Ops. We talked about the use of Legaltech in international business transactions and the data privacy concerns that come along with using one.

He answered questions like -

✅ What is the level of adoption of tech tools amongst practitioners in China?

✅ What are the kinds of data privacy concerns that come up for lawyers when choosing Legaltech tools to work with?

✅ How are Legaltech tools helpful for multinational companies involved in multiple large transnational projects?

✅ In light of China’s new law on data protection and privacy, how can businesses leverage tech tools to strengthen compliance?
And more…

Donnie Dong

Partner at FuJae Partners, Hong Kong

With a focus on the information and technology industry, Donnie represented fortune 500 MNCs, unicorns, and startups in matters of cross-border dispute resolution, intellectual property, data privacy, licensing, and corporate governance matters.

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