New Age Careers In Law

You don't have to take the traditional career path after your Law degree.❌

The digital transformation of law has opened up a LOT of new career paths for legal professionals that you can go in.🚀

Want to know what they are?🤔

Join us on Rethinking Legal Ops Ep #27 with our guest Shreya Vajpei (Prime mover at Prolawgue and Assistant Manager at Khaitan & Co) to learn all about it!⚡️

Shreya Vajpei

Prime mover at Prolawgue

Shreya closely tracks the evolution of the legal profession and is the Prime Mover at Prolawgue is attempting to democratize the information around the new-age careers and skills for the lawyers in APAC region. She also works with the Innovation team at one of India's biggest law firms. She works at the intersection of law and everything else and focuses on identifying, building, and promoting better technology and process solutions with the aim of improving the practice of law.

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