Picking The Right Legaltech Tools As A Smaller Law Firm

Most Legaltech tools are built for enterprises and thus have a very expensive price plan. This stops smaller law firms from using Legaltech to their advantage and growing their business.

As a result, they rely on decades-old technologies that barely work and make their lawyers’ tasks even more complicated.

How can small law firms diagnose these problems with their Legal Ops?

How can they pick the right Legaltech tools for them?

How can they gain a competitive edge in the market using Legaltech?

Find answers to all these questions on this episode of Rethinking Legal Ops where we talk to Caroline Ragan (Founder of LumoseMarketplace.com)

Caroline Ragan

Founder of LumoseMarketplace.com

Caroline is the founder of Lumose Marketplace which helps you find and compare between all legal software, court runners, social media for lawyers, paralegal recruiting, and more law firm suppliers.

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