Tech Adoption and Lawyers

Legaltech has seen the rise among lawyers, and more and more lawyers are adopting Legal technology to streamline their workflow and increase efficiency. What does the future hold?🤔

Join us as we delve into the topic of "Tech Adoption and Lawyers" and explore how automation is reshaping the legal industry with our guest Lorenzo Berto (Associate at Orsingher Ortu - Avvocati Associati). 🤖👨💼💼

Here are some thought-provoking questions we'll be covering:

✅ What is the current level of tech adoption amongst practitioners in Italy?
✅ Which fields of law can benefit the most from automation?
✅ What data privacy concerns arise when lawyers choose to work with Legaltech tools?
✅ How can automation fuel creativity in law firms?

Tune in to listen to the full episode.

Lorenzo Berto

Associate at Orsingher Ortu

Lorenzo is an associate in the technology practice at Orsingher Ortu, dealing with IT outsourcing, licensing, Saas and other “as a service” agreements. He also advises clients on corporate and commercial matters.

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