Tech Strategy and Law

The integration of technology in Law has brought up a lot of innovative solutions for in-house legal teams and businesses.

We hosted Ashlee Best (Former Head of Legal OperationsHead of Legal Operations, Asana) to understand tech strategy and law in depth and to learn more about how it affects in-house legal teams.

Tune in to this amazing conversation to learn more about the significance of tech in scaling in-house legal teams, strategic considerations for businesses in crafting their legaltech toolkit and a lot more!

Ashlee Best

Former Head of Legal OperationsHead of Legal Operations, Asana

Ashlee is an innovative legal operations manager with over 20 years of experience. Her mission is to transform how the legal ecosystem collaborates and delivers services to start-up companies and emerging legal departments. She specialises in scaling legal services globally, predictive outside counsel spend, eBilling, contract management & analytics, and international expansion.

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