The Future Of Contracts

The way most businesses manage their contracts today is broken. But how can they fix it?

We hosted Todd Smithline (CEO, Bonterms & Lecturer at UC, Berkeley) to discuss this and learn more about the future of contracts and what it means for your business.⚡️

Watch the full episode to learn how your business can leverage templates to speed up the negotiation process and manage contracts more efficiently.🚀

Todd Smithline

CEO, Bonterms & Lecturer at UC, Berkeley

Todd is the CEO of Bonterms. Bonterms is simplifying SaaS/Cloud contracting through its best practice, open source Cloud Terms for the enterprise. Bonterms’ standard forms add goodwill and speed to customer-provider negotiations by allowing the parties to start from a balanced template and focus on a cover page instead of redlines. He is also a Lecturer at UC, Berkeley

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