The In-House Experience In Fintech

Are you a Lawyer or an aspiring Lawyer, looking to enter the Fintech industry as an In-house Counsel?🤔 Then this session is for you.💯

The role of a General Counsel in a Fintech company is an important one. From the protection of Intellectual property to handling funding documentation and making sure the company’s commercial reputation is good, their presence becomes crucial.

But what it’s like to be a general counsel in an in-house legal team? What are the challenges one can face and problems one has to deal with?🧐

We hosted Miguel de Azevedo Moura (Professor at NOVA School of Law & GC at Paybyrd) where he talked about his In-house experience in the Fintech industry.

Miguel de Azevedo Moura

Professor at NOVA School of Law & GC at Paybyrd

Expert in areas such as Banking Law, Financial Instruments Law and Capital Markets, Contract Law, Civil Law, Corporate Law, Law&Tech.

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