Understanding & Shaping the Future of Legal Operations

🎙️ Unlock the Future of Legal Operations with Dorna Moini!

In this episode of "Rethinking Legal Ops," Dorna Moini, legal tech innovator and CEO of Gavel, takes us on a journey through the evolving landscape of legal technology. 🚀

Discover the challenges, inspirations, and insights that led to the creation of Gavel, a tool designed to revolutionize legal processes. From the justice gap to the role of AI, this episode offers a deep dive into the transformative impact of legal tech.

💡Key Takeaways:
- The intersection of law and technology: A firsthand account from a legal professional turned entrepreneur.
- Bridging the justice gap: How legal tech is making a difference in access to justice.
- Gavel Blueprint: The role of generative AI in streamlining legal workflows.

Dorna Moini

CEO of Gavel

Dorna is the CEO of Gavel, an automation infrastructure that enables legal professionals to advance the way they serve and reach clients.

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