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Agreements Required To Raise Capital In Any Start-Up

A comprehensive guide to raising capital for your startup. Learn about the most commonly used investment agreements such as Investment Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Subscription Agreements, Share Purchase Agreements, Business Loan Agreements, Asset Purchase Agreements, and Venture Capital Agreements: Term Sheets. Protect your startup and grow your business with the right financing strategy.
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Things Start-Ups Should Know About In SAFE Agreements

Are you looking for a way to fund your start-up without the hassle and expense of negotiating complex stock documents? Do you want an alternative to convertible notes that does not create debt for your business? If so, a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) may be the solution you need. Here's all you need to know about it.
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What Are The Most Important Contracts For My Startup?

There are a lot of things that an entrepreneur has to take care of for his startup. Legal documents are easily the most neglected yet important of these. These documents if not paid proper attention to can become a big problem for the company later on. Here are 7 most important contracts that you should pay attention to.
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Why It Is Important For Businesses To Manage Legal Spending

Legal services are expensive and it's not always easy to manage them. Without knowing where your money is being poured, you might just end up spending more than required. Read to learn how you can manage your legal expenses effectively.
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Should I Start My Own Law Firm?

Starting a law firm is the best decision for a lot of people.💸 But is it the best decision for you?🤔 Here are some pros and cons of starting your own law firm to help you make the right choice👇🏻
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