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How Can Non-Lawyer Team Members Leverage Tech Solutions?

From a lawyer’s perspective, technology is mostly about automation and efficiency. It can help lawyers do their jobs more quickly and efficiently. But from a business perspective, this is also true – technology can empower other team members to understand legal documents better instead of having to refer every small question to legal which tends to be overburdened already or incurring considerable expenditure on outside counsel. Read how non-lawyer team members can leverage Legaltech.
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Why It Is Important For Businesses To Manage Legal Spending

Legal services are expensive and it's not always easy to manage them. Without knowing where your money is being poured, you might just end up spending more than required. Read to learn how you can manage your legal expenses effectively.
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Financial Institutions And Their Need For Data Privacy

Maintaining the confidentiality of customer information is essential to any company that maintains anonymous personal data. Especially Banks and other financial institutions, as they have a large volume of sensitive information about their customers. How can these financial institutions ensure data privacy for their customers?
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Depp v. Heard Trial And The Digital Transformation Of Legal Proceedings

Recently, Depp v. Heard trial was all you could see or hear about on social media. From zoom testimonies to TikTok videos capturing every micro-expression on the parties’ and their attorney’s faces in greater detail than even the jury could see. But beyond what it means for pop culture, what does this trial mean for the future of legal proceedings in a new TikTok age? This is what we seek to explore in this article👇🏻
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Law and Mental Health – Changing The Culture Of Unhealthy Work-Life Balance

Did you know? In a study conducted by the American Bar Association, out of 13,000 attorneys surveyed, 3640+ struggled with depression and 2470+ with anxiety.
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Law And Communication – Why Simplicity Is Key?

Why do we need to use jargon when it comes to legal documents? Why can't attorneys just use plain language for it? This question comes to a lot of minds every time they open a legal document. Here's why we need it👇🏻
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AI For CleanTech And Sustainability - No Time To Waste

The world is beginning to see the impacts of the damage we’ve done to the earth.🌍 There is no time to waste. Learn how you can do your part by using AI and Cleantech👇🏻
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