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5 Upcoming Trends In CLM To Watch Out For

The field of CLM has changed a lot in recent years. Legaltech companies are coming up with more innovative and better solve to make managing contracts easier and faster. Here are 5 upcoming trends in CLM that you should look out for.
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6 Things to Look for in an Offer Letter

You got your offer letter and you might be tempted to sign it and get started on the new job, but wait! Here are 6 things to look for before you sign your offer letter.
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Why Do Contracts Need To Be User-Friendly?

We have seen how complex and not user-friendly modern contracts are. The documents are written in black and white text, using " legalese" language, with no page layout design. As a result, contracts often end up in drawers and are unused. So how can contracts be designed so that everyone can read and understand them? And why is it so important to make it user-friendly in the first place?
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6 Ways To Avoid Conflict In Business Agreements

Contracts are usually drafted in such a way as to prevent breaches, minimize risks, and allocate liability in the event of a conflict. Unfortunately, even the most well-written contracts often succumb to problems that lead to protracted contract disputes. Here are some ways to avoid conflicts when it comes to business contracts.
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6 Key Benefits of Using Electronic Signatures for Your Business

Electronic signatures are at the heart of the paperless workflow. This is why their use has increased dramatically in the last few years. If you're thinking about using electronic signatures in your organization, the six proven benefits outlined below should be enough to push you over the edge.
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6 Effective Ways Legaltech Can Revolutionize The Financial Industry

The industries of the future are all powered by tech‍. Technology is without a doubt the number one industry and it enables other industries to flourish as well. But one industry has benefitted from it the most. The Finance Industry. How? Read the full article to know.
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10 Things To Look For During A Contract Review

Before you legally bind yourself to oblige to some terms and conditions, make sure you've thoroughly checked the contracts for these key points👇🏻
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Women In Legaltech Industry

Women. Law. Technologies. Not three words that would have been placed simultaneously in the past, and certainly not three words that would make up a woman's professional career. However, the focus here is on the past - it's not just women in legal tech anymore, it's successful women in legal tech who are disrupting not one, but two, traditionally male-dominated professions. Read how women are taking the lead in Legaltech companies and what it means for the Legaltech Industry.
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Privacy Policies In Different Countries

Do you know what is the privacy law in your country?📑 Countries around the world have passed laws that dictate how personal data is collected and handled. Here's how the privacy laws work for various countries -
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Importance Of Contracts To Businesses And Role Of Legaltech In Its Management

Contracts are at the core of every business. But the traditional way of drafting, negotiating, and discussing the terms of contracts, again and again, can be time and cost-consuming. This is where Legaltech comes in. Read how Legaltech can help in managing business contracts.
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Master Service Agreement: All You Need To Know

MSAs are the legal game-changer for any ongoing business association. They develop a negotiation template with a reference point that removes the need to re-create a new contract for every single action between the parties. Don't know what MSAs are? Read the article to know everything about it.
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Financial Institutions And Their Need For Data Privacy

Maintaining the confidentiality of customer information is essential to any company that maintains anonymous personal data. Especially Banks and other financial institutions, as they have a large volume of sensitive information about their customers. How can these financial institutions ensure data privacy for their customers?
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Depp v. Heard Trial And The Digital Transformation Of Legal Proceedings

Recently, Depp v. Heard trial was all you could see or hear about on social media. From zoom testimonies to TikTok videos capturing every micro-expression on the parties’ and their attorney’s faces in greater detail than even the jury could see. But beyond what it means for pop culture, what does this trial mean for the future of legal proceedings in a new TikTok age? This is what we seek to explore in this article👇🏻
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Law and Mental Health – Changing The Culture Of Unhealthy Work-Life Balance

Did you know? In a study conducted by the American Bar Association, out of 13,000 attorneys surveyed, 3640+ struggled with depression and 2470+ with anxiety.
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