Understand Contracts in Minutes

On average, we spend a couple of hours to read and review a long contract.
Now it takes a few minutes.

A Clear Summary of Your Contract

If you reviewing a contract, our automatically generated table of contents will save you precious time

The extracted keywords are tailored and specific for the document that you are reviewing

Some of the keywords that you will find: jurisdictions, specific dates, entities, clause titles, sub-clause titles, financials, parent-child documents

We highlight the parts of the document linked to each keyword for a better visual understanding

Avoid Missing Key Provisions

Whether you are doing a legal due diligence or simply analyzing a vendor agreement, the Analyzer will help you avoid missing important parts

High granularity as we extract keywords from most clause paragraphs

The extracted data can be exported into csv format and you will be able to use it within Excel sheets and other platforms

Add comments to your documents that can be found by your team