March 25, 2022

Legal Chatbots For Lawyers

Do you know, legal chatbots are available 24/7, offering instant support to clients and eliminating the need to call or email a law firm’s staff?

Irrefutable evidence suggests that a lawyer’s job has never been easy. You’ll always find them juggling with matters of the clients while being shouldered with the responsibility of non-billable work. Successful lawyers are great managers, who work patiently with dedication for optimized results. For a firm it’s important to free them up for intaking potential clients, and engage in meaningful legal work, generating value to a firm. Therefore, the idea of cutting down a tedious part of the lawyer’s job by employing a digital tool can be beneficial. 

Surprisingly, most of us are already familiar with chatbots. Its presence can be found on professional websites, asking clients a few questions so that they can connect with the right person, or in case of urgent help bots navigate clients through the available resources, without human help. 

Chatbots are now taking over the legal market. Private practitioners and law firms are acquiring chatbots for managing their existing and new customers. The advancement in technology has led to the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbots that can engage in human-like conversation via auditory and textual methods. AI-enabled chatbots are becoming increasingly popular in the LegalTech industry, as they are helping firms with better customer engagement, increased productivity, and reduced expenses.

Traditionally, the legal industry has a history of relying on paper-based documents, therefore it’s lacking behind other industries in terms of accepting emerging technologies. Nonetheless, over the last few years, the legal industry is inclining towards the use of automation and cloud technology to streamline its workflows. Currently, many law firms have accepted the use of advanced technologies has helped them increase their revenues manifold. Amongst automating contracts and digitalizing other legal processes, the deployment of AI-based chatbots is yet another milestone achieved by tech-savvy law firms. There is more to know about the different uses of chatbots, a lawyer can use for his legal work. It can help law firms, private attorneys, and clients to gain better insights into their cases.

Read on to learn the benefits of legal chatbots, and know how it’s changing the legal industry

What is a Legal Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer programme made to converse with human users over the internet.

In the legal industry, chatbots are often found on the law firm’s website to book clients’ appointments and by asking specific questions from clients they can be connected with the right department of the firm. However, chatbots cannot be conceived as a replacement for a lawyer.

A legal live chat feature of Chabot is increasingly used by law firms. For instance, a lawyer can’t be available all time to answer queries of website visitors, while attending to another client. Legal chatbots are easily available to answer your legal queries 24/7.

Bots are designed to resolve customers’ issues, rather than simply directing them to a concerned department. They are intelligently programmed to address basic legal questions. Besides, they can create documents such as NDAs based on information fed into the system by a client. AI-powered chatbots work to address some basic individual issues without human lawyers’ interference and help them refine their responses to clients.  

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Benefits Of Legal Chatbots

A chatbot through the power of automation can respond to a client within seconds, thereby reducing the burden on a lawyer to juggle with emails, and manually corresponding with the client.  A Legal Trend Report 2020 found that 79% of new clients expect a lawyer to respond within 24 hours of reaching out. Below, we have enlisted a few benefits that chatbots can bring to your law firm. 

Helping With Onboarding And Management 

In any legal industry, chatbots are used for handling tons of administrative work. They can help employees of the firm to solve less important issues without seeking HR support. Employees can use chatbots for basic tasks such as setting up deadline reminders, handling leave applications and ensuring a smooth onboarding process. 

Easy Access To Manage Information

On a typical day, a lawyer goes through tons of information in terms of case studies, client’s case history, relevant laws, and other related information to the case. With the help of Chatbots, lawyers can easily analyse data as well as it can assist them with searching the relevant information they are looking for. Using chatbots can reduce the information collection time, thus ensuring a hassle-free experience for legal professionals. 

Stand Out From The Competition

When clients are in trouble, they usually send out emails to more than one law firm to gather responses and decide their next step accordingly.  In a Legal Trend Report, a key factor taken into consideration by clients for choosing a law firm is its responsiveness to a client. Chatbots can automatically answer basic clients' queries by using their instant response mechanism instead of keeping them waiting for a lawyer to respond.

Start Using Legal Chatbots

Now, a chatbot is becoming a popular digital tool for legal firms, having a desire to automate communications and data collection to stand out from the competition. Bots have numerous benefits as they automatically generate legal documents, connect website visitors to relevant departments and help lawyers manage tons of paperwork. Also, adopting bots can streamline workflow and cut down the tedious labour of lawyers.